As executive producer for the Bud and Roach Show, I was constantly working behind the scenes to improve our show and bring in bigger guests. It was a tough job, but I loved every minute of it. And when we finally landed our first celebrity guest, Afroman, I knew all of our hard work had paid off. We were all nervous that night, not knowing what to expect. Our broadcast was live, and we had been promoting the interview for a week. If Afroman didn’t call in, we would’ve looked like fools. But he did call in, right on time, and we successfully interviewed him live on the air. I remember feeling a huge sense of relief when the call came through. We had worked so hard to make this happen, and it was a huge relief to know that everything was going according to plan. As we started the interview, I could feel the energy in the room change. There was a sense of excitement that I had never felt before. We talked to Afroman about his music, his life, and his thoughts on the state of the world. It was an amazing experience, and I knew that this was just the beginning. We had proven that we could handle a celebrity guest, and I was already thinking about who we could bring on next. Looking back on that night, I am filled with a sense of pride. We had worked so hard to get to that point, and it was a huge accomplishment for all of us. I knew that we had what it took to make our show a success, and I was excited to see where our journey would take us next. As a producer, my job was never easy. But moments like these made it all worth it. And as I looked around the room, seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, I knew that we had something special. This was just the beginning of our journey, and I couldn’t wait to see where it would take us.

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