The Original SNS Commercial

I had become a regular at Gizzi’s Cafe in West Village. Between the acoustic gigs, and how often I’d show up with a laptop to get work done, I managed to build a relationship with the owners’ Mark and John. One day, I sat in the back of Gizzi’s during the World Cup, working quietly to myself when I took notice of the people congregated around the small television screen hung on stage. I watched as patrons ordered food and drink from the comfort of their own seats while enjoying the game in this cozy environment. I followed the owners outside, who had gone for a smoke, and told them about an idea that I just had. “Guys, have you ever thought about showcasing films on that screen?”. Sports was great, but being in the heart of West Village, we were surrounded by the arts, including the New York Film Academy which was just a walk away. They replied, “what do you have in mind?”. They gave me access to their slowest day, Sunday, and within 30 minutes, I created the first graphics of what would come to be known as Sunday Night Screenings. Once the logo and marketing materials were created, I used my camera equipment, which I had recently purchased, and filmed a commercial I would use to promote the event. We hit the ground running, and my Sundays would become synonymous with independent films. I used what power I had at Gizzi’s to transform the space into a film festival experience, complete with multiple screenings, on-stage Q&As, video interviews, networking, and more. It was the start of something special.

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