Borough Park And The 15 Steps

This here was the birth of my first official company, Mx2 Studios. Having spent most of my time around technology, I had purchased the Canon Vixia HV40, and was immediately confronted with the frustration of capturing video on MiniDV cassette tapes. The process of connecting a USB cable, and playing the actual cassette while capturing the video on a slow iMac, was extremely time-consuming and tedious. 2 hours of raw footage would take 4 hours to dump into my computer, leaving me feeling restless throughout the process, and, in many ways, taking away from the creative juices that flowed through me like magic. Nonetheless, the attached video was one of the first videos I shot with my camera. The morning after my purchase, I opted to film my commute to work, capturing the illustrious views of Brooklyn, and surrounding neighborhoods. Copyright Law wasn’t as prevalent on platforms like YouTube, so I chose a classic tune, “From The Morning” by Nick Drake, to become the soundtrack to my visuals. The quality is subpar by current standards, but the excitement that came with this new venture was second to none. I’ve had cameras before, but never a brand-new purchase. Quickly, I began using my connections in the local music scene to offer camera services to performing musicians, which would begin my journey as an entrepreneur. Venue after venue, I would set up my tripod and accessories, and film 720p quality performance videos of fellow artists. This would grow my contact list, and rolodex of venues, which would come to be very handy in my ultimate plan.

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