It had been ages since B and I had last visited the Museum of Natural History. Those early days of Bud and Roach were like a different lifetime, and so much had changed since then. Now, we had our beautiful daughter Alenna, whose fascination with Ryan’s World videos had opened up a whole new world of family-based content on YouTube. I wanted to create a video of us that she could watch and enjoy, but little did I know that things wouldn’t go quite as planned that day. We were excited to take her to the Museum of Natural History. With her love for dinosaurs, it seemed like the perfect place to film her introduction to the prehistoric world. B and I were also eager to visit the planetarium, but our greatest joy would come from watching our baby’s eyes light up with awe as we explored each exhibit. As we ventured through the museum, the hours ticked by, and hunger started to set in. The day took a sour turn when we heard that the food courts were closed and there would be no re-entry upon exiting the building. My stomach growled as we continued exploring the museum, the hunger pains growing more intense with each passing minute. The situation seemed to deteriorate as I found myself walking in circles around the museum, desperately searching for any sign of food. The gnawing feeling in my stomach threatened to consume me, but I tried my best not to let it ruin the day for B and Alenna. After all, we had come to the museum to enjoy a special day together as a family. It was during the 11th hour when we finally discovered the truth: the food courts had been open all along. Relief washed over me as I sat down and ate my fill, my appetite satisfied at last. With renewed energy, we entered the final exhibition of the museum, determined to make the most of the remainder of our visit. Later, as we sat down for drinks, I eagerly reviewed the footage I had taken throughout the day. I had hoped that this video would be something our daughter could fall in love with, a special memory she could look back on fondly. However, my uncensored nature had made the video unfit for YouTube Kids, despite my best intentions. As I came to terms with this realization, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disheartened. This raw look into a moment of our lives would simply be added to the growing collection of GDPTV episodes. But despite the day’s challenges and the disappointment of my failed YouTube attempt, I couldn’t deny that the experience had been an unforgettable one.

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