Natural History #1 (B&RS VLOG)

In full conspiracy theory mode, and with marriage still in the “honeymoon” phase, Brenna and I headed over to the Museum of Natural History to do some sightseeing. Wanting as much camera time as possible, I would document the experience on my cell phone, releasing the video as part of the “Bud and Roach VLOG” series. Immediately upon arrival, I start dissecting the meaning behind each symbol made visible on the infrastructure, laying down the foundation for doubt that I would come to feel as I walked around examining their version of the truth. Introducing myself as “Alex Montanez” would be an indicator that I had not yet lost myself in the role of Roach, and the innocence in my creative approach would only become apparent years later. Every video I created, knowing my audience was limited, made me feel famous, and in some way, I understood that while few people will see this piece of content, it was somehow relevant to the forward progress of my career in entertainment. So as we made our way around the museum, taking in each exhibit, I would add commentary on the situation to produce yet another piece of content that would encapsulate my day.

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