Miseria Cantare

The closer I got to the launch of Dominate The Globe, the more anxiety I felt building up inside me. It felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, my heart pounding in my chest like a drumbeat to a chaotic song. I’d have to take breaks from writing, losing myself in the world of performance videos on YouTube, reminding myself of one of my end goals. I had lived for the stage, and I missed the connection I would have with an audience mid-performance. I thought back to the fact that since the beginning of my music career, I had a drink in my hand, numbing my senses and clouding my judgment. I was eager to see what the performance world would be like with all of my senses intact, clear-headed and truly present in the moment. I watched videos of Deftones and Jack White, their electrifying energy making my heart race. The pulsing distortion washing over crowds of thousands sent a shiver down my spine. I could almost feel the bass vibrating through my body as if I was standing among the audience. I’d go back further in time, digging into the MTV archives, pulling an AFI show at Hard Rock Cafe. The booming intro of “Miseria Cantare” seemed to reach out from the past, grabbing me by the heartstrings. I made the video fullscreen, allowing it to consume my vision as I sat back on the sofa chair. The laptop screen cast a cold, bright light on my face, highlighting every feature and contour. I watched in awe as Davey Havok, AFI’s lead singer, took control of the massive crowd. His commanding stage presence was palpable, even through the screen. He delivered album-quality vocals alongside a band that was perfectly in sync, each member performing as if they were a single entity. The connection between them and the crowd was electric, a tangible force that drew me in. I blinked, trying to hide the emotion that was stirring inside me. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hold it back any longer. A single tear escaped, streaming down my face like a river that had finally broken free of its dam. I had poured everything I had into creating Dominate The Globe, sacrificing countless hours and sleepless nights. I was not only praying but working tirelessly every day to ensure that I would leave my mark on this world, play the biggest stages, and hear the most thunderous applause.

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