Jay Pharaoh as 50 Cent

As Storm and I headed up the elevator toward Sirius XM, my mind continued to race. The feeling of being in the world of celebrity had become increasingly normal, and I managed to balance my personal demons with my creative aspirations, at least for the time being. My sister Angie would fall ill, and feeling stuck in the position I was in, I tried my best to not fall into a deeper depression for not being there when she needed me. Nicole, also dealing with wavering health issues and chemotherapy, would be a constant thought on my mind. How could I incorporate her into what’s happening right now? As we made our way through the glass doors, I look to the side and see a smile on Storm’s face. We make our way to a small studio off to the side, where upon entering, I would meet DJ WhooKid and Jay Pharaoh, who were in the middle of playful banter live on the air. A fan of G-Unit, I was no stranger to WhooKid’s contributions to the culture, and with Jay Pharaoh’s impressions dominating the internet, and his long-lasting tenure with Saturday Night Live, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit starstruck by the moment. A master of his craft, Jay proceeded to imitate 50 Cent for the enjoyment of the audience, as Storm and I stood off to the side. Staring at the small monitor on the DLSR camera, my eyes bounced back and forth between screen and reality, and I began to feel the weight of this moment.

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