ImOnIt (IOI) Digital Devotion Recap

Bud and Roach had been contracted to host an exclusive event called ImOnIt (IOI) Digital Devotion. It was a record label’s talent showcase, and having an inside connection to one of the artists, we were chosen to be the voices of the night. Upon arriving, we were greeted with laminated passes with our faces on it, and handed drink tickets. We toured the venue, including the bar area. I looked around the room in awe, taking in the sleek design and stylish decor. As we made our way to the outdoor area out back, I could feel the anticipation building inside me. We were about to take center stage, and I couldn’t wait to show the crowd what Bud and Roach were made of. Already drunk from pre-gaming, I felt like I was a step away from the illuminati. As stupid as the notion was, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was a part of something bigger than myself. And as Alonzo and I took to the stage, I made it known to everyone in the room just how intoxicated I really was. On a night that was supposed to be about the talent, I took every opportunity to make it about me. I cracked jokes, told stories, and made sure that everyone was paying attention to Bud and Roach. But as the night wore on, and the drinks continued to flow, I could feel myself losing control. It wasn’t until the end of the night, when we were packing up our equipment and saying our goodbyes, that I realized just how much of a fool I had made of myself. I had let my ego get the best of me, and in doing so, had overshadowed the very talent we were there to showcase. As I stumbled out of The Paperbox, the night air crisp against my face, I knew that I had let myself down. But I also knew that this was just one misstep on the road to greatness. I was determined to learn from my mistakes, to become a better host, and to show the world what I was made of.

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