Ill Knob's Paper Shoot

Storm made his way downstairs and walked into the room where I was working, informing me that it was time to see what I was made of as an artist. We planned for an extremely busy day, as two music videos were to be created within a 12 hour time frame. Ill Knob’s “Paper Paper Paper” would be shot at night, while the music video for my record “Alcohol” would be shot during the day. As we sat at the table, we conceptualized the videos, excited to see the next chapter of our journey together. I summoned Nicole to serve as Director of Photography for “Alcohol”, which she gladly accepted. The day came, and we drove into Harlem to the location of my previous apartment that had burned down. Breaking through the barriers placed by the fire department, Nicole and I would enter the burned down apartment and shoot key performance scenes for the video. She would describe to me the goosebumps she felt after yelling action, watching as I transformed from the person she knew into my new stage name, King Roach. At night, we’d head over to Coney Island, where the rest of Ill Knob’s crew waited patiently to be a part of this production. After showcasing the lifestyle of living in the ghettos of Brooklyn, we finalized the video shoot that night, and thanked everyone to coming out. As we loaded the equipment back into the car, I knew this would only the start of my work, as the editing part was now under my control. We drove back to New Jersey, and I spent the entire drive staring out the window in a daze, dreaming about what the final edit of “Alcohol” would look like.

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