Our very essence was controversial. We were best friends, unapologetically authentic, speaking things into a single microphone that most people won’t discuss in a room full of familiar faces. No stranger to conspiracies, we highlighted our thoughts on things like government interference and weather modification, giving life to subjects that would otherwise be shamed in today’s political climate. Pre-dating cancel culture, we heavily relied on social media for organic promotion, and during a time when algorithms had little to no effect on visibility, I would use amateur video to create VLOGs for promotional purposes. After taking to the streets of New York City, where we coined our latest catchphrase, “find out what the media is keeping hidden from you” while passing out black and white flyers, we would find comfort in the idea of “saving the world”. Stuck somewhere between entertainer and freedom fighter, I used these VLOGs as a way to get my face out there. Since being disfellowshipped from the church, I’d spend many a day watching documentaries, poking holes in everything I was made to believe was true. With the fire still lingering to expose what I deemed “the truth”, there was still the responsibility of making a career of my actions. Running as an audio-exclusive broadcast, the separation of face and voice caused some insecurity, which was remedied in moments like these. Alonzo had come over to prepare for the broadcast that night. Looking outside my bedroom window, I could see darkness in the sky that seemed foreign to our location. As rain poured down in the style of an open showerhead, I say to myself, “this has to be HAARP”. Alonzo agreed. Camera in hand, we used this opportunity as a promotional tool and embraced our newfound roles as personalities.

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