Get Enough (Behind The Scenes)

As Purfek Storm Group’s time on Wall Street began to wind down, Storm would use the space to shoot a big budget music video for a client named “Harley”. From Patterson, NJ, Harley had all the charisma and talent in the world to become a global superstar. We started our day early, leaving Storm’s house with as much equipment as we could pack, driving down New Jersey to pick up today’s talent. Driving through Patterson, it was clear that Harley was a local celebrity, as the moment he hit the streets he was greeted by peers from all directions. We took the drive into the city, and spoke about plans for the day. As we arrived at the office, we’re met by hired staff and crew, including a collection of beautiful models who would serve as backup dancers during choreographed scenes. I sat back in awe, and attentively watched as the production unfolded. Brenna and I were back in communication, and she came down to the office to show support. Things started to look up, and I felt it was only a matter of time before I get a grip on my life. As I sipped drinks privately throughout the night, the buzz fueled my excitement for being a part of something so grand. I envied Harley in that moment, and daydreamed about what I would do differently being the artist in the spotlight. As the night came to close, and the video shoot was wrapped, it became evident that I still had a long way to go before I commanded the kind of attention and respect that Harley was shown that night. I rolled up my sleeves, and got ready to work.

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