First On-Air Beef

With a handful of unofficial call-in guests under our belt, we were confident we can take the show into its next phase of production. Our fast-growing online presence resulted in front-page promotion on the Spreaker platform, and led to our first on-air “beef”. An aspiring radio personality and DJ would take to the airwaves on his show, and “call us out” for stealing his topics. Without ever hearing of this person before, I started to dig. It turned out he was a heavy conspiracy theorist and shared a lot of our views, but had limited viewership. Watching the rise of Bud and Roach would cause a similar feeling amongst other podcasters as well, who would also use their platform to discuss their distaste for our dynamic duo. I saw an opportunity to further promote the upcoming broadcast and would release a previewed response in hopes of increasing our interest. That Monday, we used the “Cold Open” of our program to address the situation, and after some light jabs of humor, would take the high road in understanding that we are all just trying to get our messages across, and with our message of truth, we were on the same side. After the multiple insults that had been hurled our way, diffusing the situation and moving forward seemed to be the most professional approach to take. We became hyper-focused on going big.

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