After receiving positive feedback on ERLAYTV Ep2, we decided to create another promotional video. We spent a considerable amount of time in the studio, crafting our music from scratch instead of including samples in our arrangements. Despite the primitive production, the simplistic tones and rhythms we produced were exactly what we were going for. While there was no shortage of producers on YouTube showcasing the hundreds of audio layers featured within their Pro Tools sessions, we believed in the value of “less is more”, drawing from our background of performing acoustically around New York City. Life was moving fast, and I used the available resources to gather royalty-free footage to guide the story I wanted to tell. Each voiceover was more dramatic than the last, and I edited ERLAYTV Ep3 using multiple sources of footage, eagerly waiting to see if it would outperform the previous two. It seemed that things were moving upward, and my tunnel vision allowed me to drown out the noise of everything else around me. The issues with family, friends, and money, all key elements of life, took a backseat to the journey I was on. I thought, “Once I’m famous, I’ll take care of everybody”, and moved to the beat of my own drum, expecting everyone to follow my lead. This thought itself had become a cause for celebration, and as I returned to New Jersey, I would drink a six-pack alone, watching the three episodes in sequence on repeat.

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