As I became more involved in the inner workings of Weekend Work, I felt that it was only a matter of time before I would be interviewed on Eminem’s iconic Shade 45 network. Being a regular at Sirius XM made me feel important, and when it came to creating value for myself, I decided to use amateur footage of my frequent visits in an ERLAYTV episode that Cheez and I would release. The video would also feature places that had become a staple in my day-to-day life, such as the nearby forest and the booth in the studio. These locations seemed to have found a purpose in my life, and in putting together the visual for the episode, I would connect the worlds that Cheez and I were both experiencing simultaneously. Back home in New York, he would have locals on the streets of Manhattan yelling “ERLAY” at the sight of him. Visits to the barbershop seemed to feature a hint of celebrity value, and my inclusion in our musical venture added value to the brand he had been creating. My world was different. More and more every day, I found myself in the midst of people I had watched on television years prior, and the trajectory of my career would only be swayed when liquor was involved. Drunk, my ego would flare up in annoyance that I wasn’t yet globally recognized. My hunger for the spotlight had turned to starvation, and upon uploading this episode of ERLAYTV, I was giving the world a peek into the world I had hidden from them.

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