To set ourselves apart from the millions of struggling artists, Cheez and I decided to film our creative sessions in Storm’s studio for use as promotional videos for our upcoming releases. With camera in hand, we gathered all the necessary supplies from the local coffee shop and 7-11 to ensure a disturbance-free session. Upon entering the studio, excitement filled the air as I searched for potential camera positions and plotted visuals in my mind. As soon as we hit the power button, the fan inside the computer activated and the lights on the mixing board illuminated. Cheez’s catchphrase, “Erlay” (a variation of “early”), was a perfect title for this new video series. Dubbed “ERLAYTV,” I utilized my knowledge in entertainment to create these promotional tools. Though we had no clear direction, creating the content itself satisfied our immediate desire to move forward. As we wrapped up the session that night and returned to our normal routines, the impending launch of ERLAYTV sparked a fire in me to continue as a duo and put my solo career on the back burner. I thought, “Barely anyone listens to rock anymore.” Thus, producing EDM-style music seemed like a faster route to success. At least, that’s what the alcohol told me. So as I began to create all the marketing material to relaunch Bodysnatchers under it’s new name, Kal and King, I daydreamed about the red carpet, absolutely sure that this new direction would solidify me in the entertainment world.

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