Dollhouse Live with Angela Yee

We arrived at the Highline Ballroom, filled with anticipation for DollHouse: Urban Burlesque’s show. It was one of Purfek Storm Group’s clients, and outside of my responsibilities to Storm, I had to make sure that Roach TV had a presence there. As I made my way through the crowd, I could feel the energy buzzing all around me. The venue was packed, and everyone was ready to see what this new type of entertainment had in store. Brenna was with me, and as she settled into her seat, we ordered drinks and waited for the show to start. Storm was running the show, and as usual, he was in full management mode. The performers were backstage getting ready, and the excitement in the air was only overshadowed by the curiosity of every patron. As the show started, I pulled out my trusty camera, ready to capture every moment. The performers were absolutely amazing, and the audience was loving it. I circled the venue, filming the show and the audience. During breaks, I would tell each DollHouse performer that they were my favorite doll. They loved the attention, and I loved being in the thick of things. The night was insane, with drinks flowing freely and everyone having a great time. As the show ended, and the performers took their final bow, I knew that I had to make sure that Roach TV was a part of this new wave of entertainment. The video I had filmed became an instant classic, and I knew that I had managed to insert myself into a situation for the betterment of my career. With minor altercations outside, the event would go off nearly perfect, and I was proud of the company I was surrounded by.

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