Creating 40 Podcast Icons (RTV BTS)

As the email about the lawsuit weighed heavily on my mind, I sat at my computer and tried to focus on the task at hand. I opened up Photoshop and began creating the designs for Pro Wrestling Post. It was a nice change of pace, something different from what I was used to, and it gave me a chance to clear my head. Wrestling had always been a passion of mine, and it felt good to be able to contribute to the industry in a way that wouldn’t land me in hot water. I carefully selected each image, making sure that they were perfect for the different content series’ that Marc Madison had asked me to design for. The sound of my mouse clicking and keyboard tapping was the only noise in the room, and I lost track of time. As I sat back and looked at my completed designs, I felt validated in my skills as a graphic designer. It wasn’t the same kind of satisfaction that I got from creating content for my own projects, but it was still fulfilling. It was nice to be able to give back to an industry that had given me so much over the years. But as I saved the designs and closed out of Photoshop, the reality of my situation came crashing back down on me. I couldn’t keep avoiding the fact that I had made a mistake. I had let my recklessness get the best of me, and now I was facing the consequences. This lawsuit against Bud and Roach seemed like karma for how I previously handled the trademark infringement situation, but I took a deep breath and reminded myself that beating myself up wouldn’t change anything. I needed to learn from my mistake and move forward. It wasn’t going to be easy, but I was determined to make things right.

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