Come What May

For someone to have done what I have done with my life, it would shock some to know that I value my privacy very much. There are things that I share, and things that I don’t share, and that’s my right. But with everything in my life happening at once, it feels as though I’m standing in the center of a busy intersection, doing my best to guide traffic from multiple directions simultaneously. The blessings in my life right now, I hold near and dear, and I now see the power in keeping some things to myself. It eliminates the worry of external energies conflicting with my own, and keeps me at peace. It creates distance between me and the looming plague of feelings, and gives me the power to understand and control my own. You shouldn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations of you, and this path that you are on is between you and God. The almighty universal power that keeps all these wheels in motion, it understands things about you that even you don’t. I know this, because I live it. Every day, I uncover a new truth about myself, and unpack another layer of the reality that I’ve manifested throughout my existence. However, one thing that I’m not keeping to myself is what I’ve already given you. For the longest time, this blog has existed in text format, waiting patiently for me to take it to the next level. And in keeping my daughter in mind, I would love for her to experience this blog, listening to her dad’s voice long after I’m gone. I’ve begun recording and releasing audio versions of this story, available on YouTube and TikTok. Some things will make sense to you, and some things won’t. But whatever is coming to me, I’m waiting with open arms.

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