B&RS: A Look Back

The decision to go back to my mom’s house was not an easy one to make. Swallowing my pride, I realized that it was the best move, not only for my own sake but also for the chance to mend my relationship with Alonzo. Being next door to him meant that we could go back to the basics of our friendship and work on the Bud and Roach Show together. The podcast market had exploded since 2012, and we still believed we had what it took to become household names. Stepping onto Grove Street, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. The familiar scent of the neighborhood, the sound of children playing in the park, and the sight of my childhood home stirred emotions deep within. It felt like I was traveling back in time, to an era where things were simpler, and my dreams were still within reach. As I walked up to my mom’s house, I couldn’t help but smile. I took a deep breath and embraced the comfort of being back where it all started. Alonzo and I spent countless hours combing through the history of the Bud and Roach Show. Together, we went on a trip down memory lane, recalling the excitement of our first episode and the passion that drove us to create something special. The chemistry between us was undeniable, and despite the years that had passed, it still burned strong. Our determination to revive the Bud and Roach Show was fueled by the belief that we still had so much to offer. In the dimly lit room, surrounded by relics of our past, I began editing a video titled “A Look Back.” The footage chronicled our journey together, highlighting some of our most memorable moments. Each scene held a story, a piece of our shared history that served as a reminder of why we started this venture in the first place. Optimistic, I moved forward using my updated knowledge of the entertainment industry in preparation for our takeover.

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