We were up early that morning. Storm rushed down the stairs in preparation for Ky-Mani’s appearance on The Breakfast Club. Hungover from a night of secretly drinking, I was slow to my feet, but managed to get myself in order. We drove into the city, where we would meet Ky-Mani at an apartment downtown. The building, which featured an elevator that opened inside the actual apartment, reeked of big money. As we gathered ourselves, making our way down to Power 105, I held two cameras in my hand. The first camera captured Ky-Mani and Storm as we walked the streets of New York City, while the second captured me capturing them in the streets of New York City. You see, as thirsty as I was in that moment, I opted to film for Roach TV simultaneously, which caused issues later in the day. Unbeknownst to Storm and Ky-Mani, I would spend a considerable amount of time focusing my energy on documenting my own trip to Power 105, which defeated the purpose of my visit. I won’t lie; I was starstruck by the place itself. Seeing the infamous studio where The Breakfast Club is filmed reminded me of every interview I had ever watched. I imagined each of my favorite celebrities walking the same hallways and sitting in the same seats. It was unreal to me. As the interview came to a close, and we collectively headed back home, I exposed myself by immediately editing the Roach TV episode, placing my own priorities over that of the team’s. Ky-Mani saw the video online and contacted Storm about it, who was not pleased. I immediately removed the video from online and refocused my efforts. I couldn’t let my dreams of being the “star” overshadow my primary contributions.

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