Behind The Scenes at BronxNet TV

We would be booked for a musical performance on BronxNet Public Access Television. The creation of Bud and Roach Show quickly led to an increase in my entertainment contacts, and I took every opportunity that presented itself as a sign from the universe, attempting to quickly identify its purpose in the long story of my life. We drove up to the Bronx that day. My brother Angel, my cousin Cheez, and I all walked into the broadcast station, making our way through the various rooms and hallways that would lead us to the main stage. We sat patiently in the large blue room as crew members built the presentation of the live show; whose name I don’t recall. As a collective, we were eclectic in our range and tackled multiple genres in our artistry. On this day, “Free Minds”, a duo created by my brother and me, would perform songs we had recently written about our journey to enlightenment. Cheez, standing behind the main stage camera, would record amateur footage on his cell phone, the only footage we would ever come to see of this performance. The show was live, and without an archive, we were left in the dark. Other participants would come to congregate after the show, and we exchanged information in hopes of their inclusion in our upcoming music video. We would leave the studio that day with every endorphin released during our Bronx television experience.

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