Since launch, our viewership numbers would always increase after the broadcast was off the air. The playback option turned our live radio program into a downloadable podcast, and we’d often see an increase in views throughout the week for each episode. We were live, and chose Mondays at 8PM ET as a way to compete for the attention of the people in our own fun way. Monday Night RAW, famously produced by WWE, has held that time slot for as long as we watched pro wrestling. It was our inside joke, and it stopped being funny the moment we broke 100 live listeners. Announcing live on the air that we’d moonwalk on camera upon hitting 100 live listeners, we’d end our weekly broadcast and await the live numbers from Spreaker. I refresh the email address, and the inbox thickens with bold letters. One new email, from Spreaker, addressed to Bud and Roach. We stare at the screen and hug. Breaking 3 figure viewership on a live broadcast in 2012 felt like going viral, and we celebrated the night in rare form, glowing from the statistics of our endless efforts. The adrenaline associated with a win is only often seen by athletes on a field or artists at an award show. But downstairs, in the dimly lit living of this basement apartment, we were creating something larger than life. All of a sudden, the numbers on our report would take the shape of a pot of gold, and we had found our calling.

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