Witness Me Now

I love alcohol. Going on nearly 2 years sober, I still think about drinking every single day. A $2 tall can could make me feel like I never left, yet I continually choose to not drink. This year didn’t come and go without it’s share of confusion, but hindsight always grants me the gift of clarity. So hear me now. I used to think that my sobriety would serve as motivation for others, but that thought has left a sour taste in my mouth. I didn’t do this because of you. Full disclosure, I don’t like you. I didn’t like you this year, and I probably won’t like you the next. As touching as it is to make my family proud, I didn’t do this for them either. I got sober because my massive ego requires me to conquer the world, and the industries in which I’ve set my sights on. My success matters to me more than you could possibly fathom, and if anything, I will be the reason that YOU hit rock bottom. Watching what I do with my life is going to be the reason you crack open a bottle, day after day, and wallow in the misery of your own failures as I once did. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that you don’t have to be a good guy to be a great man. It’s no longer about spreading love to you, but rather it’s about absorbing the love for me. I did this. I’ve spent my entire life building toward this, and every decision I’ve made, both good and bad, has served a purpose in the grand scheme of my life story. So to everyone who believed in me and stuck with me, I love you. Let’s keep moving forward together. To everyone else, watch this pretty face turn heel, pop open another cold brew, and keep telling your stories about the old days. You are going to witness me, whether you like it or not. Happy fucking new year.

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