The Work Station

I settled into my self-made sanctuary, feeling the familiar rush of adrenaline and excitement that came with the prospect of another night alone with my music. My room was my refuge, my haven, a place where I could escape from the harsh realities of life, and immerse myself in the creative process. I found extreme comfort in solitude, and the more music I surrounded myself with, the deeper my concentration was during a session. The dimly lit room was filled with the soft glow of fairy lights, casting shadows on the walls adorned with posters of my favorite artists. The tools I had were primitive compared to industry standards, but the industry wasn’t on my mind. My focus was on honing my craft and finding my own unique sound. I worked tirelessly on building my workspace, using the bottom of a canopy bed that was gifted to me as a studio and a fortress. The makeshift recording booth was lined with egg carton foam and draped in heavy blankets to dampen any outside noise. I still had no internet, so the bulk of the music on my PC was either downloaded from Napster on Eddie’s computer or my own creation. I’d spend nights locked in my bedroom, dressing as my favorite artists to recreate their performances for my own personal pleasure. The energy of their stage presence and the power of their lyrics inspired me to push myself as a performer and a songwriter. My chops as a songwriter began to strengthen, and I started writing material good enough for people to sing back to me as I perform. I knew that I had a long way to go, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the moment. With no metronome, I kept my own tempo to achieve what I considered a big band sound. The beat of my heart and the rhythm of my soul drove each note I played, giving life to the melodies that swirled in my head. Things that I didn’t even notice in passing were reaching the surface through lyrics, and my writing skillset was polishing itself. The heartbreaks, the dreams, the fears, and the victories – all of these experiences began to weave themselves into my music, creating a tapestry of emotion and passion. What came after would ignite the fuse that led to me finally taking the stage.

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