The Sky Is Calling

There is a constant hum inside of my head. The ringing effects of Nicola Tesla’s 369 code leave me in a constant state of introspection, and I sometimes feel as though I’m standing on the edge of a cliff, inches away from an eternal abyss. I’m far removed from the acceptance of coincidence, and I see the past, present and future all at the same time. The future aspect is what is often at the forefront of my mind, and it’s hard to not see a pattern of self-fulfilling prophecy. I think, I believe, and I become. During a conversation with my dear friend, Monica, she commanded that my aspirations be narrowed down, assisting me in tightening my grip on the wild horse of my career path. Her presence allowed me an outside perspective, one that isn’t tainted by ego, and I listened intently on everything that was said throughout our exchange. We are well-equipped to leave our mark on this world, and impact as many lives as possible throughout that process. But it begins and ends with focused intent. My gifts have often felt like curses, with my mind wandering a million miles a minute, forcing me to multitask and spread myself thin. But the reality of knowing that just one big move will change the trajectory of my life keeps my eyes pealed on the constant stream of opportunities that present themselves throughout my journey. Which ones are in tune with my current vibration? Which ones are here to pull me away from my calling? I comb through the moments that happen in real-time, and make judgements accordingly. But one thing is for sure. The next part of my life will be the grandest, and in my moments of meditation and reflection, I can hear the sky calling, guiding me down my path like the master of puppets.

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