The Pokemon Cards

It was a regular day at home. I was working on the laptop, the familiar hum of activity in the background, while my family was in their own world somewhere in the apartment. I’d become so accustomed to the sounds that it took a moment for my wife’s voice to register. “Give that to Daddy,” she said, a playful lilt in her voice. Hearing my daughter’s little footsteps pattering against the hardwood floor, I could feel a small smile tugging at the corners of my mouth. As the footsteps neared, I turned my head, the anticipation building inside me. Alenna appeared at the edge of my vision, her tiny hands clutching a small package. Her bright eyes twinkled as she extended her arms, presenting her offering to me. I took the package from her with a grateful smile and began to peel back the wrapping. As the contents revealed themselves, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia wash over me. A small collection of Pokemon cards lay in my hands, the vibrant colors and familiar look instantly transporting me back to my Junior High School years. I was brought back to the days when I would walk the hallways of the school, holding a binder that contained hundreds of my precious Pokemon cards, all held neatly in laminated pages. The binder felt like a treasure chest in my hands, each card a testament to my dedication and love for the game. In my back pocket was a plastic case that contained my battle deck, a specific group of Pokemon cards that I would use to defend my pride and collection against anyone who dared to challenge me. I could almost hear the sound of the cards slapping against each other as we’d shuffle our decks and the triumphant feeling when I’d win, adding to my ever-growing collection. I thought about Alonzo, and our shared passion for the cards at one point. I remembered how I went as far as to instigate a conflict between him and his former collection partner, wanting to keep these animated collectibles within our immediate friend group. Our friendship and love for the game only grew stronger as our collection expanded, each new card acquired a shared victory. Somewhere along my journey, I had outgrown the cards and given them to my nephew Shawn, who would eventually outgrow them as well. But holding these new Pokemon cards in my hand brought me back so many years, and left a lasting smile on my face.

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