The Pinkest Slip

As my ex’s new relationship deteriorated, thus began a tug of war between the starving artist in me and the simp. Against all of my better judgment, I found any reason to try to see her, which would come to be detrimental to my employment at Guitar Center. During a time when I should’ve clambered down and tripled my sales, I opted to call out of work, stupidly using the excuse “I was hit by a car” as my reasoning. Clinging on to the young, hopeless romantic I once was, I spent the day with her touring the city, as she wasn’t from New York. We ate chocolates. We had dinner. We saw the bright lights of the city from the tallest views. But in the back of my mind, I realize that I can’t just show up to work tomorrow like nothing. After all, I was “hit by a car” today. So after returning to my Fresh Meadows apartment, I began rehearsing my limp, which would prove to be unsuccessful as a valid excuse. I was immediately demoted from management to door security, where I would last a few days before finally securing my pink slip. With my ex, there was no chance of reconciliation, as we had just grown to be two completely different people, and I realized that I had blown yet another opportunity to better myself. Distraught, I went home and spent the last few days of my non-existent lease in complete solitude.

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