The Corner Of The Bar

The Blue Parrot Lounge was next up on our agenda. The blue lights surrounding the stage gave the room an electric feel, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as we took our positions on stage. This was it. Back to the experience I’ve dreamed of since our debut show. We took shots before taking the stage, and the warm burn of the alcohol spread through my body, adding to the adrenaline rush that was already coursing through my veins. As we jumped into our set, I could feel the difference in our performance since our first show. We were much more in tune with each other, and while there were still many mistakes, we successfully turned the corner of the bar into a spinning jukebox of Incubus tunes. I closed my eyes and let the music take over, my voice soaring above the crowd, my body moving to the rhythm of the drums. I opened my eyes and looked out into the crowd, taking in the small sea of faces staring back at me. Some were singing along, some were dancing, and others were just swaying to the music. I could feel the power that came with commanding a room full of people, and I relished in it. As the night wore on, we played one hit after another, and the crowd’s energy only continued to grow. I took another shot and stepped up to the mic, feeling the buzz of the alcohol as I spoke to the crowd. “Thank you, Blue Parrot!” The crowd cheered, and we launched into our final song, “Drive”, a crowd favorite. I could feel the energy in the room building, and as the last notes of the song faded away, the crowd erupted into applause. We took our final bow and walked off stage, the rush of the performance still consuming me. As we packed up our gear and headed out of the bar, I couldn’t help but smile. I was drunk, doing something that I loved doing, and doing it well. It was a long cry from Hollywood, but I was moving too fast to care.

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