Stay Home With Me

It’s a peculiar sensation, this duality that envelops me. On one side, I’ve always been a loner, cherishing the solitude that recharges my creative batteries. My anxiety around others has only escalated since I quit drinking, leading me to seek refuge in the warm embrace of my family or the comforting cocoon of my own company. Yet, on the other hand, my chosen path in life has thrust me into the limelight, forcing me to confront my insecurities and embrace the vulnerability that comes with a vast audience. I can’t help but chuckle at the irony, realizing this is all my own doing. However, what astounds me the most is how my life has metamorphosed since I put down the bottle. The aspirations I have now were once nothing more than hazy fantasies conjured up during inebriated nights, using alcohol as a crutch to inflate an ego that my work ethic alone couldn’t sustain. I was caught in a perpetual cycle of laboring relentlessly yet thoughtlessly, and toasting my shortcomings with a frosty beer, day after day. The extent of success I might attain in this lifetime remains uncertain, but what I do know is that this blog has revolutionized my perspective on life and my place in this world. We possess the power to accomplish extraordinary feats, and my sobriety has granted me the clarity to prioritize what truly matters. My wife, my daughter, my family, and friends – the very people who have journeyed with me through thick and thin – must never be eclipsed by the pursuit of fame. As French Montana’s lyrics echo in my mind, “everyone will love you but won’t love you like I do,” I can’t help but reflect on the unwavering support of my wife, Brenna. She weathered the storm, bearing the brunt of my darkest days without faltering. Our story continues to unfold, and when it eventually reaches the global stage it’s destined for, you’ll still find me at home, playing virtual golf, surrounded by my loved ones, and sharing a piece of my world with you. The journey from the depths of addiction to the transformative power of sobriety has not been an easy one, but it has shaped the man I am today.

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