On Top Of A Mountain

Sitting in Storm’s house, both metaphorically and physically on top of a mountain, I reflect on the events that ultimately led me to this point. I think back to Sunday Night Screenings and my time at Gizzi’s Cafe, the Bud and Roach Show, and the countless hours spent with Alonzo broadcasting live on the air. Those experiences now seem like a lifetime ago. After failing to fulfill my duties as CEO of Bud and Roach, I handed over the reins. I was bitter about everything. How the exchange went down didn’t sit right with me, and the looming failure of Roach TV felt like a slap in the face. In a moment of anger, I deleted the Roach TV email address, causing all the content uploaded to YouTube to disappear. I sulked at the thought of their success without me, indulging in my self-righteousness. As a symbol of new beginnings, I decided to grow my hair out and feel the tightness of cornrows for the first time in my life. I believed the world revolved around me, and even though my career in entertainment had yet to blossom, I took comfort in the extensive resume I held close to my chest. Although these were team efforts, I had led those teams, and my creative vision allowed for these brands to grow at lightning speed, providing everyone involved with the experience of a lifetime. As I reclined back in my seat, I closed my eyes in an attempt at meditation, albeit a poor one. My anxiety begins to consume me once again, and I remember the remaining bottles of Vodka still sitting in Storm’s garage. Brenna beside me, I pour two cups, and we make our way down to the theater in the basement, where the big screen would create darkness of my surroundings.

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