My First Real Photo Shoot

Ricky’s family lives in Miami, so I spent some time in their pool before we reconnected back in Brooklyn. Being a long-time supporter of mine, Rick always made himself available to assist in pushing my career forward. I packed up my Fender acoustic and headed over to his basement apartment, just a few blocks away. Heavy on gadgetry, he pulled out a DSLR before they were mainstream. We began taking photos, both indoors and outdoors, building a portfolio of images that would be used as “press photos” moving forward. As he snapped, I told stories of my growing experience with “the industry”, a connection made possible by his introduction sometime earlier. I don’t think either of us knew it at the time, but that photo session would be a driving force of inspiration during moments when I was ready to give up. But I digress. The final set of photos brings forth a well-lit shot on the couch. The earth-tone colors compliment the wood grain on my acoustic. This was the money shot. I hugged Rick and thanked him for believing in me. Our bond stretched beyond 90s and 2000s rock, and I walked out of his apartment a more confident artist.

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