Mezmerizing With Serj

The cold, dim light of the computer screen bathed my face as I stared at it, lost in thoughts of the past. I could feel the weight of nostalgia pulling at me, urging me to reminisce about the days when I lived in Queens and worked at the old furniture warehouse. It was a period filled with struggle and loss, like an itch you just couldn’t reach to scratch. I remembered the sinking feeling of losing the space and embarking on a couch-surfing tour, trying to figure out what the universe had in store for me. My mind wandered to the days I spent in that old studio in Bushwick I had worked out of, when System of a Down had been my lifeline, the soundtrack to my own personal rebellion. With a sudden desire to reclaim that part of my past, I opened Spotify and pulled up the Mezmerize album. I hit play and let the music wash over me, the familiar tunes opening doors to memories I had long since locked away. As the album repeated itself, I became acutely aware of how far I’d come since those days. The contrast between then and now was stark, like the black and white keys of a piano. I no longer needed the cold, metallic taste of beer to numb the pain or escape reality. I was in a much better space, and I reveled in the freedom that sobriety had given me. The melancholic, haunting melodies of Serj Tankian’s voice resonated deep within my soul, stirring up the bittersweet memories of my past. Each song triggered a different memory, like flipping through an old photo album. Images of those darker days filled my mind, but instead of dragging me down, they served as a reminder of the resilience I had shown in overcoming them. As I sat in front of the computer, feeling the warmth from the screen and the pulsating rhythms of System of a Down coursing through my veins, I felt a surge of endorphins wash over me. It was a high unlike anything I’d ever experienced while intoxicated. I felt alive, powerful, and in control of my destiny. With every memory that resurfaced, I found myself celebrating even more. It was a testament to the fact that I had not only survived those trying times but had managed to rise above them, forging a path towards greatness. I could almost see the spotlight I’d been chasing my entire life, shimmering like a beacon in the distance. My arms instinctively reached up towards it, feeling as if I could simply pluck it from the sky and claim it as my own. With every beat of the music and every memory that surfaced, I knew that I had come a long way.

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