Crystal Caverns

My plans for the night were heavily draped by the solitude I’d experience throughout my work week. Looking for a way to decompress, I found myself taking shelter within the familiar walls of FirstLive Studio. Not knowing what to expect, I made my way to the production room, where I’d usually enjoy the festivities of the venue from the comfort of a cozy sofa. After realizing that this was a special night, a night in which a band called Crystal Caverns would be taking the stage to celebrate the release of their new single, “Feels Nice”, I strolled to the sound stage and took my place against the wall, awaiting the show to begin. What happened next was truly extraordinary. This band, comprised of an engaged duo and their bandmates, proceeded to play a set list oozing with raw talent and emotion, leaving me breathless after each performance. The bassist, Jason Alex Grey, pulled out all the stops with his Flea-like mastery of the instrument, exceeding all expectations of what I’ve come to expect from the typical bass player. Jessica, whose vocals pierced through the sound causing goosebumps to travel up and down my body, tapped into the energy of Gwen Stefani and Amy Lee, absolutely crushing each record and delivering an album-quality sound that resonated far beyond the borders of the venue. Guitar and drums were magnificent, and I stood back in complete awe as I watched these masters of their craft, who had only been playing together for 6 months, show us exactly why destiny had brought them together. Upon finalization of their set, I joined them outside for a cigarette, where we exchanged pleasantries and got to know each other a little more. It was an unexpected night, to say the least, and rarely do I stop in my tracks and deliver a review of this type on a blog that’s meant to track my life story and sobriety. But on the weekend of Christmas 2023, I stumbled upon a band that I have no doubt will provide the soundtrack to my life in 2024. Follow this tremendous band now @crystalcavernsmusic on Instagram, and take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of this amazing and inspiring band. Good stories are hard to come by, and good music, even more so. They have both, and I’m truly appreciative to have had the private show experience that they graced FirstLive with.

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