Back To The Beginning

It was nearly midnight, and I sat in my dark living room, dimly lit by the lamp near the kitchen. With Logic Pro X open on my screen, I impatiently waited for the complete sound library to finish downloading. The progress bar seemed to move at a snail’s pace, mirroring my own journey of self-discovery and artistic reawakening. I had put off this task for far too long – much like my last record, lost in the depths of my struggles with alcoholism and addiction. But now, I found myself embracing a new sense of clarity and determination. BeatStars had been a crutch for me, using purchased beats to release my music, but it was time to find my voice again, to find the joy in creating from scratch. As the sounds finally loaded, I began combing through folders of old recordings, each one a piece of my history, a reflection of my past self. It was there, right in front of me, that I saw the missing link. I had been tirelessly searching for ways to promote my blog, Dominate The Globe, desperate for more traffic and recognition. But the answer had been within me all along – I needed to be an artist again, to focus on creating music that resonated with my soul. I had exhausted every free resource, submitted to countless databases, and created backlinks wherever I could. But now, it was time to reclaim my identity as a musician and an artist. With the blog up and running, and Google Adsense approval pending, I knew that my life experiences could become a valuable asset, generating revenue and driving my art forward. A clear vision began to take shape in my mind. I wanted to release music in abundance, building an extensive catalog of tracks perfect for sync licensing opportunities. These songs would serve as a soundtrack for my blog, Dominate The Globe, offering glimpses into the highs and lows of my life and artistic journey. Music videos would become commercials for my platform, attracting even more listeners and followers. With each thought, I felt a renewed sense of purpose, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of my past mistakes. I equipped my laptop with all the necessary tools, ready to pour my heart and soul into creating prolific works of art for the world to consume. The days of free-falling into darkness were behind me; I was on the cusp of something great, and the whole world would bear witness to me.

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