A Spiritual Moment

Everything was unexpected. My life had taken a turn, and I found a level of peace within that allowed me to reach what I can only describe as guru status. In a daze of my own, I wandered the streets that night, finding my way to FirstLive Studios, a place I consider home base. Not open to the public, the team used the space as a creative outlet, and with every toy at their disposal, they made their way back to the sound stage, where I’d soon follow. What happened next can only be described as a transcendent spiritual experience. My boys, my team, took the stage and allowed their vibrations to speak to me in a way I’ve never been spoken to before. I sat alone in the corner and watched one of the most beautiful moments in my life unfold, and as they improvised the soundtrack to God’s message, I broke down in tears, and threw my hands in the air, downloading new information from the universe that is pioneering the next chapter of my life. Everything I ever wanted is right in front of me, and the ego deaths that I’ve experienced leave me feeling nothing but absolutely grateful. I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, and I deserve what happens next. All the pain, the suffering, the hard work, and unwavering self-belief are completely in tune with what God had in store for me. I’m thankful for all of it. This blog has documented some of the best and worst moments of my life, and for whatever reason I’ve been gifted with the ability to share my existence with you, I thank the universe. This is not an easy story to tell, and the future is as unknown as it was when I first started this journey. But moments like this open a portal within me that outpours love at a rate that even I’m unfamiliar with, and I take on each second with open arms. I’m wise enough to know that I’m not wise at all. Every day is a learning experience, and the further I go into the depths of myself, the clearer my vision becomes.

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