GMB #024 ft. Marco Pavé

In this episode of Good Morning Bushwick, featuring special guest Marco Pavé, we discuss: the recent weather and its abnormal nature, how Richie’s gym, which has been in the neighborhood for a long time, is important, first time visiting Memphis, and how it differs from New York City, getting on a TEDx stage, the journey into entrepreneurship, how music has always been a part of life, how to prepare for a career in the music industry, the importance of reading about copyright, “Welcome to Graceland”, which is based on the real-life story of a protester who was dragged by police, the issue of racism and police brutality, staying true to your craft, the challenges and pitfalls of signing contracts without reading them, having the keys to the city of Memphis, recent travels, upcoming projects, the current state of the video game industry and how it’s changing with the rise of microtransactions.

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