GMB #010

In this episode of Good Morning Bushwick, we discuss: the Mets, how fantasy sports can be addictive, how people are gambling on players’ health and stats, The video features a musician performing live in Bushwick, Brooklyn who talks about how coffee helps wake them up in the morning, how they need more cowbell, and how Christopher Walken didn’t show up. The video concludes with the musician talking about how they need to submit music videos through ReverbNation to be featured on the website. The video also features a man making espresso and discussing how he likes to kick back with a cup of coffee, a woman who was shunned by her friends and family after she left the Mormon church, an Airstream enthusiast, and a man discussing his experiences growing up in a religious household and how it has influenced his life. The video also mentions how people in Bushwick generally don’t care about celebrities, the party that was supposed to be attended by 400 people but ended up having 2,000 people in attendance and the security situation. The video ends with Roach, a resident of Bushwick, giving tips on how to live a safe and comfortable lifestyle in the neighborhood.

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