GMB #004 ft. Bree

In this episode of Good Morning Bushwick, featuring special guest Bree of the SLAP Collective, we discuss: Valentine’s Day, the changing landscape of Bushwick, the opening of a new craft brewery, the closure of a traditional restaurant, the state of the dating scene, the sale of a Bushwick restaurant, the recent shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the need for a conversation about gun reform, how people with mental illness are able to purchase firearms even if they have a history of instability and mental illness, how the gun lobby plays a role in the difficulty of preventing such tragedies, how people’s attention span has decreased, starting the collective as a way to create a space for creative self-expression, Black History Month, the organization Raw and its mission to help promote artists and build community, how 501c3s can help a business, how one can use them to generate income and support the community, the importance of arts and the negative effects of government-funded arts programs.

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