30D2R - ft. Kristin Schrumpf

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, featuring special guest Kristin Schrumpf, we discuss: fantasy football, the 30D2R movement, cheat codes in older video games, the challenges and rewards of starting a music career, the struggles of pronouncing certain words, the legacy of Lebron James, the performance of the Jets and Giants in the NFL, being robbed at gunpoint while driving to Mexico, finding your friends using GPS, tauntingly scoring touchdowns in fantasy football, her experience with bipolar disorder and PTSD, her experience with addiction and alcoholism, the importance of seeking help for mental health issues, how therapy can help manage symptoms, the negative effects of bottled water on the environment, her experience working in the pharmaceutical advertising industry, how social media can be a harmful tool for spiraling down into addiction, the importance of being honest with oneself, recognizing when one is drinking too much, and seeking help to break from addiction.

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