Morning View: The Gizzi's Montage

As would be expected, I brought Morning View to the Gizzi’s stage once again, giving our new guitarist, Michael Paul Lawson, a chance to bless the stage we’ve grown accustomed to. Thunder had become a key figure in my life, as his presence at my shows more often than not resulted in the creation of media. He was known for his paparazzi ways and was always within arms reach of a camera. Long before cell phones produced high-quality images, his arsenal of video capture gadgetry would lay the visual foundation for many of my performances over the years. As the cafe filled to capacity, we performed acoustically, a task we had not yet executed on video. We were on a roll, and the band was becoming a brand within itself. The constant compliments became expected, and I’d often get offended if not praised. Taking the stage that night felt like magic, as cameras rolled across the room like a red carpet gathering. The video would be used in compilation, serving as a marketing tool for future opportunities. The “Fan Cam” concept was created in an effort to garner more video support from the crowd, and although this would serve as the sole heir of this ideology, the visuals allowed our band to show a softer side of our on-stage presence.

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