Future On Fire (Music Video)

Married to a painter, I had access to all the supplies I would need to start creating my own canvas pieces. After constructing a custom-made easel out of a microphone stand, broomstick, and coat hangers, I’d often sit back with my guitar and watch Brenna’s masterful workflow. This would inspire me to immortalize my visions in acrylic, and paint the piece which would serve as inspiration for this amateur music video. My recordings were nowhere near industry quality, but I was well aware of the process of failing my way to success and remained unafraid in my approach to the music business. On a day that JD was over, it would be his turn to film me in our faithful basement, in an attempt at creating a visual for my performance favorite, “Future On Fire”. As green as they come, we shot scenes in the kitchen and staircase areas, trying to create separation between looks and feels. Hats and shirts were removed, giving a hint of “change” to the viewer. Before long, what was said to have been a demo was now to be released as a visual, and with the thought of “making it” fueling every decision I made in both life and art, I felt it would be a matter of time before I was a best-selling recording artist. Moving forward with this release would add another notch to my belt as an artist, as this was the moment I would release my very first music video.

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