Bodysnatchers (Cafe Con Leche)

My time at Guitar Center produced a few long-lasting friends. Javier Pardo was at the top of that list. Outside of bonding over our appreciation for John Mayer, we shared similar goals and interests musically. The relationship I was in at that time led us to a studio session one night in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She had yet to see my work in the studio and although I was getting over the flu, I insisted on performing with Javi for a few hours. We left Hart Street and made our way over to a dark room that would filter our noise from the world. She shared a similar background, being from the church, so I felt in many ways she understood what I was going through emotionally. Remaining supportive, she set up the camera, capturing a moment between Javi and me that would come to inspire the name “Cafe Con Leche”. With “In Rainbows” constantly on repeat, we channeled our inner Radiohead and made an organic first attempt at “Bodysnatchers”. Being used to performing solo, hearing the drums blaring into my ears was sonically appealing, and the desire for a bigger sound would come to be. Her voice, a gentle “daamn” at the end of the video, was enough validation to justify the price of the room. My mission was accomplished.

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