Bodysnatchers (Radiohead)

The commute to work was long, and I found myself lost in Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”. I would often close my eyes, imagining a stadium filled with screaming fans, and use subtle motions to imitate the dancing of Thom Yorke. When time allowed, I noodled on my acoustic until I found a way to play my favorite records in chords that an amateur could play. While I can play guitar, I can only play as well as most beginners. It was my vocal ability that set me apart, but that didn’t stop me from performing simplified versions of popular tunes. On a slow night at Gizzi’s, I would set my camera on a tripod, break out the acoustic guitar, and give a go to my rendition of the Radiohead classic. In my mind, I saw big crowds and performed as such. I had reached a point of confidence that I had yet to get accustomed to, and I was ready to start exploring the possibility that I am, in fact, who I think I am. Then began the performance.

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