The Iconic32 Event

The workload had intensified on the creative end, and I pushed for Nicole to be present at events moving forward. Being in New York City, John Jay wouldn’t be too far for her to travel to, especially since the chemotherapy was taking a toll on her. We met on time in the lobby of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and walked together to the back seating area for a quick meal before the show. Hosted by Malik Yoba, this star-studded event would feature talented performers of all ages and raise awareness of the Iconic32 movement. Nicole took her position near the stage, and I prepared my camera for a wide shot from the back of the venue. As I peered through the lens, adjusting the focus, a group of people headed towards me, surrounded by a mysterious figure. Clearly, a celebrity was among them. My curiosity got the better of me, and I abandoned my post to see what the commotion was about. As I split through the crowd, I made eye contact with Fat Joe, who happened to be a guest speaker at the event. As he walked past me, I felt invisible. Holding onto this feeling, I’d spend the rest of the day lost in the small LCD screen of my DSLR camera, using my knowledge of Fat Joe’s history to find similarities between our existences. “He’s Puerto Rican, so I can make it too, right?” The more I thought about it, the sillier my thoughts became. With all the talent raging inside me, I grew angry that I still assumed the role of an intern, even after proving my artistic capabilities with the release of “Alcohol.” I wanted a drink, but without any liquor in sight, I placed my body on autopilot and checked out mentally for the remainder of the evening.

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