Splitting The Crowd

I stood on the sidewalk in front of SOB’s, smoking a cigarette as I waited patiently for the sprinter to arrive. Havoc was performing that night, and although I wasn’t sure if this was a “Mobb Deep” show, or a special guest performance, I used this opportunity to exercise privilege, and met with Storm directly after work. I remembered passing the line as I made my way to Shake Shack for a quick bite. I had looked at all the eager ticket holders, and smiled at the thought of where my life had taken me. I pulled from my cigarette, deep in thought, until it was time to move. I locked eyes with Storm, who indicated that Havoc was about to make his entrance, and I made my way toward them. With cameras flashing, and fans trying their best to engage this Hip Hop legend, I found myself in a peculiar situation. Dressed in a 3-piece suit, I drew attention to myself long before the sprinter pulled up, and it seemed as though everyone was trying to figure out who I was, and why I had been included in this grand entrance. With a crowd of fans attempting the “tag-along”, security ushered us away toward a side entrance, where we were followed by a crowd of people. Working security myself, I could understand the frustration on their faces in trying to place people where they belong. But when I was stopped inside the building, it only took a moment before Storm yelled out to security that I was with Havoc, which opened the door for me to rejoin the group. I could feel the back of my neck heat up once again, as everyone else who had been escorted out of that building stared at me with a distaste I had seldom felt before. Without saying a word, I followed the team into a small elevator, where we were escorted to a room away from the active scenery. This wasn’t my first experience with Havoc, as being a part of Purfek Storm Group has granted me access to such events. But as management and security scattered around preparing for the next phase, I stood side by side with Havoc, not saying a word. Suddenly, the room floods with patrons. Peers, artists, and goons of all sorts make their way into the VIP lounge, propositioning and networking, taking photos and live streaming. Like a fly on the wall, I kept my eyes glued to everyone and everything happening in my presence, and kept my mouth shut. It was time to make our way to the venue space, and with even larger security guards leading the way, the same eyeballs I felt outside were now embedded within the crowd, making it difficult for me to walk. We split the crowd, and were guided toward the VIP corner next to the stage, where yet more obstacles awaited. After Havoc and Storm took their places in the section, I was stopped once again by security, who believed me to be a spectator attempting to trespass. With a simple look toward my mentor, he yelled across toward security, who granted me access to the section; a centerpiece of attention in this moment. I stood quietly in my place, next to Storm and Havoc, awaiting the show to begin. But within 30 minutes time, for reasons that only the people closest to me know about, I chose to leave the venue. It was a bittersweet decision to make, as where my mind had taken me in that moment was a dark place I hadn’t been in quite a while. But as I wandered into the darkness of the night, away from the celebrity experience that God chose to bless me with, I absorbed every lesson I learned in watching how to move like a legend.

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